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Linda Umphrey


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"I'd rather paint than wash windows!"  In all seriousness I would rather paint than do most anything.  My greatest inspirations come from the natural work, whether it be the warm to hot colors of the Southwest deserts or the cool tones of the Pacific Northwest coastal area.  These varied landscapes are to enjoyed first hand, which for me means painting plein air sketches and thousands of photographs. Using oil and alkyds, I refine and expand on these sketches in the studio.  My technique is loose brush work with soft edges often referred to as "somewhat impressionistic."

Linda Umphrey

Puzzles Pieces

Puzzles Pieces
30" x 24" Oil on Canvas


I have done a sequence of four progressive images of "Puzzle Pieces"

Step 1 - The rough sketch

Step 2 - Block in the shapes

  Step 1 of "Puzzle Pieces"
Step 2 of "Puzzle Pieces"

Step 3 - Fill in the major colors

Step 3 of "Puzzle Pieces"

Step 4 - Finish the Details and Highlights

Step 4 of "Puzzle Pieces"


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