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Colorful Creations


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"One Susan Baltzer of my earliest childhood memories
is when my second grade teacher, Mrs. Baker, took me to show the Principal my picture of an autumn tree that I had drawn and colored in art class. It may not have been much, but that moment left an indelible mark on me and planted a seed, the love of art, that did not fully take root until after I retired from my own career as a teacher in elementary education. It was then that a good friend of mine encouraged me to push myself and develop the artistic skills that had always been a casual paastime and hobby.

"For  the next several years I took art lessons with an informal group of artists taught by my first art teacher, Cindy Garrison. Over the next several years, Cindy taught me the basics of color, composition and lighting and how art is truly a celebration of life. Currently I am a student of Bruce Marion who, helping me improve my original "realism" style, is also stretching me to expand into more a  impressionistic stye. I am also indebted to the wonderful men and women who, as fellow art students, have given so much of their time to help and encourage me on this journey.

"What started out as a hobby doodling in the margins of my high school and college notes or on napkins or anything that I had before me, has now become a full-time endeavor that gives me much pleasure and personal joy. My first projects included painting landscapes, then graduating to pet portraits (mostly dogs) which I am frequently commissioned to do.

"I grew up in the Yuma area and spent all of my adult life living in the Phoenix metropolitian area until 2016 when my husband and I decided it was time to escape the desert heat and relocate to the pine trees, mountains and cool temperatures of Prescott. After I became a proud 'Prescottonian,' I discovered and joined the Mountain Artists Guild. As my artistic talents continue to grow, I have been encouraged by family, friends and professional members of the Guild to expand my horizons and offer my artwork to the public at large. My hope is that my art can give the same joy to those who purchase it as it gives me to create it."

Fine Arts AZ member from March 2021 through February 2022
Susan Baltzer is currently a member of the Mountain Artists' Guild and Gallery...

     Mountain Artists Guild
     228 Alarcon Street
     Prescott, AZ 86301

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