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Alice Gunter


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Alice Gunter

 Alice Gunter at Spotlight Room Opening

"My primary goal for my painting is to convey the rich and varied natural landscapes of Arizona, although the ocean, both Pacific and Atlantic, exerts a strong pull on me and sometimes appears in my painting.  I grew up in the Arizona desert and earned my BA and MA from the University of Arizona at Tucson.  My studies there centered on literature, music, and art.  I disliked the heat and dust of the desert when I was young, but now I've come to appreciate its refined lines and multi-layered colors. 

"My preference as a child was for eastern Arizona's sub-alpine forests, where my family vacationed.  My husband and I still have a cabin in Greer, Arizona, and even now I love the evergreens and streams and summer rain there best.

"After twelve years in San Diego (which we also loved), my husband and I returned to Arizona and located in Prescott.  The mix of red rocks and pinons along with desert and forest in this area has added another dimension to my appreciation of Arizona landscapes.  I hope eventually to find the time and skill to portray all of the many and beautiful faces of my native state.

"I have been influenced in my painting by lifelong friend and batik artist Barbara Martin and recently by the beautiful painting and inspired teaching of Eric SlaytoAlice Gunter in her studion, Doug Oliver, David Haskell and Bonny Casey and by Wanda Zolman's undaunted devotion to her art.

"My paintings of both Arizona and the Pacific Coast can be found in private collections in Monterey, San Diego, Reno, and Arizona, and in several Galleries in Arizona.  My work can be viewed at Verdigris Loft Gallery in Tlaquepaque village, Sedona, AZ, at Mountain Artists Gallery and at My work has previously been shown at La Fuente Gallery of Sedona, AZ, Hudgens Fine Art of Flagstaff, AZ, Desert Feather Gallery of Wickenburg, AZ and Natural Accents Gallery of Prescott, AZ and Taos, NM."

Prints of Alice Gunter's work can also be found on  Fine Art America.

Alice Gunter curently has a painting at the Empire 100 Ranch Foundation.

 Please visit 

Alice Gunter's painting is Sunset Trio  Oil on Canvas 12" x 36'

Sunset Trio

Alice Gunter has a fantastic ad (shown below) of her painting, Just Before Nightfall, in the 2017 Southwest Art Magazine.

2017 SWA Ad

Alice Gunter has a fantastic ad (shown below) of her triptych Glowing Reflections in the March 2017 southwest art magazine, see page 98.


 Alice in her studio

  Soutwest Art Magazine 2015      Southwest Magazine Ad Feb 2014    
  The art of Alice Gunter is currently in the following galleries...

Member January 2009
    December 2017

Mountain Artists Gallery
     228 Alarcon
    Prescott, AZ 86301


Laura Segil Gallery
    Fine Art Gallery Online Website


  Prescott Area Artists' Studio Tour
     October 6 - Ocotber 8, 2017
Mountian Artists Gallery Spotlight Room
   july 15 - August 17, 2016
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  The art of Alice Gunter has also been in the following galleries...
  Ben's Fine Art Gallery
     Prescott, AZ 86301
  Desert Feather Gallery
     Wickenburg, AZ 85390
La Fuente Gallery
     Tlaquepaque, AZ 86336
  Hudgens Fine Art Gallery
     Flagstaff, AZ
La Natural Accents Gallery
     Prescott, AZ & Taos, NM
  Richard Schmid Auction
     Rist Canyon
     West of Fort Collins, Colorado
Verdigris Loft Gallery
     B-105 Tlaquepaque
     336 Highway 179
     Sedona, Arizona 86336



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